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The Healing Power of Colors

The Healing Power of Colors
by Debora Ramos

    Since ancient times, different cultures have used colors as a form of emotional and physical healing. Both in ancient Greece and Egypt were built temples aimed at healing through light and color. We also found that Chinese and Indian medicines have used color as an important component in their treatments (even today).

    Currently, we found different ways to harness the healing power of color. Some of these ways are applied using physical and other visualization methods. Within the physical forms, we have for example the colored lights used by some hospitals to apply in certain areas of the body and bring healing. In alternative medicine, color therapy is used to facilitate the healing of diseases by restoring the energy balance in the body. On the other hand, is the quantum medicine, which promotes a nutrition system using colors (the organs of the body are classified according to the color of the energy that feeds them, so it is recommended eat food with those colors) to maintain good health.

   Another way to harness the energy of the colors is the technique of AURA-SOMA ® which works with the emotional and spiritual part of the person through the use of colored oils and essences.
     We can also take advantage of the healing benefits of colors using visualization techniques. If you are working angelic therapy, the person can visualize the color and invoke the Archangel for that color with which he/she wants to work. For example, the emerald green light is associated with the Archangel Raphael whose function is healing. The person may visualize that is surrounded (or visualize the person who needs healing) by that emerald green light for its healing results occur. By invoking the light of a particular color, you are invoking at the same time the corresponding archangel since light is the true essence of all the angels.
    Working with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) High Self can recommend a person to use a certain color to change the vibrations of the body and accelerate healing. In Chart 7: Direct Healing and Colors, High Self can indicate not only what color the person can visualize or use (example: dressing in that color)  but  also for how long is recommended to use it. High Self can indicate to that person which is her/his spiritual color (which is what should prevail in her/his aura when one is balanced and centered).
    So take advantage of the power of the colors to be balanced and enjoy good health. We have all these ways to work with colors to choose the one that catch our attention and make us feel comfortable. What matters is the intention and the love with which we work!
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