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The Spiritual Side of the Crystals

The Spiritual Side of the Crystals
By Debora Ramos
            Since ancient times, humans have exploited the advantages of the crystals for various uses such as protection, healing, for religious reasons or simply to decorate their homes. The latter case is the most common. People who has purchased for decoration is because at the beginning they are attracted by its variety of shapes and beautiful colors.
            From the religious point of view, I found that in the Bible curiously mentions the use of crystals and gemstones in some of its chapters. For instance, in the Book of Exodus Chapter 28, verses 16 to 20, it mentions how to make holy garments, including the Ephod (priestly dress used by the Jews of the time), which should lead topaz, emerald, sapphire, diamond, ruby, agate and amethyst. In  2 Samuel 12:30 the Bible talks about the precious stones that adorn the crown of King David; Ezekiel 28:13 states that “…every precious stone was your covering, sardius, topaz, diamond, sapphire, emerald and gold…”to name a few.
Personally, I always thought  crystals and gemstones as another wonderful healing tool in which a person could receive their healing power by placing them in different chakras or energy centers of the human body that were unbalanced (producing both physical and emotional effects). Thus, the purpose was (through the use of crystals) returning each chakra to its optimum performance and produce a harmonious relationship with the other energy centers. After studying the book of Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomisky, I found that therapy with crystals has additional application forms, and one of them is the therapy through communication with the angels.  I loved that information.
Later, I took the Advanced Angel Therapy Course with the author Doreen Virtue and I learned more clearly how to work this therapy and angelic communication using crystals. She explained that each archangel (in addition to their specialty and color of energy) has a crystal associated with him (or she depending on the type of energy ) that let you have better communication with the archangel in particular. She clarified that the use of the crystals associated with each archangel is not essential for communication with them, but it is like using a megaphone with which you raise the volume of communication that you are having with these wonderful spiritual beings.
I highly recommend from my own experience using crystals to attune even better your angelic connection.  Visualize not only the color of the energy of the archangel  which you are working with, but also to use the crystal associated with him/her as a means to align and focus even more on your meditation and receiving messages. You can place these crystals in that special place in your home to meditate and connect with these amazing beings. If you cannot have each of the crystals associated with each archangel, you can start with a stone called celestite or  with the angelite. And of course, program them with the intention to communicate with your guardian angel or archangel with whom you want to work. I hope you are encouraged to try it, because it really works!
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