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The Chinese New Year and Feng Shui

The Chinese New Year and Feng Shui
By: Debora Ramos

         Many people have sent me emails asking me about the Chinese New Year is coming and its relation to Feng Shui. For those who have a lifestyle consistent with the teachings of Feng Shui, the date of the Chinese New Year according to the solar calendar is very important because it is a good time to make Feng Shui changes in their homes or places of work to ensure that each of the family members are constantly surrounded by positive energy, good fortune and harmony.

       In China, both the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar are important. Both are annual, but the former is used for civilian purposes, and the second (which is based on the cycles of the moon) marks the beginning of the Spring Festival and is associated with each of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.

      This Lunar New Year in 2013 is on February 10, and it is the year of the water snake. But according to Feng Shui Classic, the new year does not begin until the first day of the Chinese year solar varies from 3 to 5 February each year. Thus, in 2013 the Chinese solar year begins February 4 at 12:31 am local time in China (for us would be on February 3 at 11:35 am ET). That will be the time when the change of energy will occur in our homes, offices and in each of us.

     Which means that 2013 is the year of the Water Snake? Water is the most feminine (yin) element, but also it is the most powerful and intense. Because of this, water can move around any obstacle that comes its way without losing its essential nature. In the year of the water snake, it is important that we pay attention to our plans and their preparation because the events occur slowly.

         There are many ways to add the element water to your house or the office: all kinds of reflective surfaces such as mirrors or glass, ponds, fountains and aquariums.  In feng shui  fountains are used to move the energy inside and add water to an environment. If you add a fountains to your house in Water Snake year, make sure that they work properly. Pay attention to the sound it makes as if it emits a chirping sound, or the engine is too high, then that fountain will not add tranquility to your home and it won’t move the energy in a good way. Regarding to use aquariums as a way of adding water to the environment , it works as long as is well maintain otherwise will produce the opposite effect  ( so add it if you have the time to  take care of it).
      In the chinese new year with the feng shui, some of the recommendations are:

  •  According to Chinese culture, some negative chi may have accumulated in the previous year, so clean your home as if it is spring cleaning. But do it now, not the same day of the new year. Move furniture that has not moved in the past year to clean behind and below them.  Give away or donate any unused item. Check and organize all closets, drawers and storage areas if they have  disorder. Money is symbolized by water in feng shui. Money can flow like water - if your house is clean and organized.

·         Cook special dishes for the feast. Cook more food  the eve of the Chinese New Year. This is important to attract more wealth and abundance. The eve of the Chinese New Year is considered Union Day.

·          Older people put money in Chinese red envelopes and deliver them to the young in the hope to get good luck next year.

·          Do not use water to clean the floor or the dump that day. Water is the symbol of wealth and do consider this a waste of money.

·          Do not speak words unfavorable.

·         Decorate your home with live plants that flower as a symbol of rebirth and new growth. Furthermore,  put some oranges and tangerines  symbolizing happiness and abundance. Along with this, arrange a tray with eight varieties of sweet, sweet dried fruit to start the New Year sweetly.
·          Pay your debts. It is very lucky to start the Chinese New Year with no debts. (A mortgage or a school loan does not fall into this category.) If you have a personal debt pay it  in 2013 and organize your finances for the next year 2014 (Year of the Horse) to start the year with a good balance of their accounts.

Enjoy and take advantage of this new Chinese year and remember that what is important in carrying out these preparations and the celebration itself is the intention and love we put into each of them. Happy Chinese New Year!!

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