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Our Right to Prosperity

Our Right to Prosperity

By Debora Ramos

Many of us have ever thought about improving your financial situation? How many times we have thought "if I had more money I will do such a thing." In studying the several authors who have written about prosperity, we see a common denominator in all: prosperity is something that everyone has the right because it comes from our Creator, and therefore is something we all have access. Another common point in these authors is that Prosperity includes not only economic, but also other important aspects of life such as health, time, and even relationships.

If this premise is true, why some people have managed to raise an important heritage that allows them to live their life with financial peace of mind, and others are still struggling with bills that can barely afford? Why there are people who are sick all the time or never get a person to share their life?

In response to these questions, we find it has to do with the way we exercise this right to prosperity or our lack of knowledge that there is a right and that we can exert. For example, in the financial aspect, sometimes people do not exercise their right to prosperity simply because it is blocked (which can come even from past lives) or they have what I call prosperity inhibitors which are created in this incarnation and these people are not aware they have it, so they live their lives in scarcity when they could live in a totally different way.  In my  workshop Prosperity, Angels and Ascended Masters I open a  theoretical-experiential space so that together we analyze this right, how to exercise the right way according to the great scholars of the subject. So, consciously you can check those blocks and inhibitors of your prosperity and remove them for you to give you the opportunity to live full and prosperous life to which you are eligible and you desire.  We learn that there are tools and spiritual beings that are there to help us exercise our prosperity. Once you know the information, you can choose the tool or spiritual guide with whom you feel identified, the important thing is to unlock and to disinhibit the prosperity, achieve manifest in this third dimension and begin to enjoy it because God wants you to be prosperous and happy.

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