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Remove the Clutter

Remove the Clutter
By Debora Ramos
There are many reasons that lead us to accumulate clutter in our homes. One of the first is our hectic lives and the amount of responsibilities we carry every day. The truth is that whatever the reason, this disorder affects us physically and emotionally.
One important thing I have noticed in my work field is that this disorder that affects us is a point in common with the different techniques that exist today and offer better our lives. Personally, I have studied it in three of the techniques that I use: Feng Shui, Spiritual Response Therapy and Communication with the Angels.
Let's start with Feng Shui,  a technique that comes from ancient China in which (explained in simple) tells us how to put our furniture, belongings and orientation of our homes to improve energy flow (chi) and achieve an increase in our prosperity, health and personal success. In this ancient practice is established as an important step on cleaning up the clutter, which includes not only pick up what this watered but donate, sell or just give things a better future (that being forgotten in a closet) to what already you do not use. When the energy (chi) comes into our house and encounters obstacles not only decrease it step, but it also restricts or eliminates the benefits that brings positive chi to different areas of our lives, affecting us in a mental, emotional and spiritual way.
Another technique that also indicates the importance of eliminating the disorder is the Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). With SRT we can eliminate discordant energies from past lives that may be blocking our present life (prosperity, relationships with others among other things). To clear the programs and discordant energies, the SRT Practitioner connects with his or her High Self to do an investigation of those lives by using a group of 32 charts and a pendulum. In two of these charts are mentioned the elimination of the clutter:  the first one is Chart 10A: Miscellaneous Blocks in its item called “Subconscious clutter” where Robert Detzler (who develop the technique) explained that each discordant program has its own wrapping that need to be disposed of when the programs are cleared; the second one is Chart 19: How to Change your Life in its item called “letting go of the old” in order to welcome the new things in our lives.
            Finally, the third technique is that we can ask for help from our dear angels to clear and remove clutter from our space. Ask them to help us remove the attachments to certain objects. The author Doreen Virtue recommends to ask help to Archangel Jophiel (whom she calls “the angel of Feng Shui”) who help us not only to clear up the planet, but also helps us to restore order in our home, office and in our life if we ask her to do so.
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