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How Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) has changed my life

How Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) has changed my life
By Debora Ramos

Spiritual Response Therapy came to me through my dear friend Ana, who wanted to help me understand why I had lost my first pregnancy. This affected me tremendously, I could not understand why God had allowed that the pregnancy I had waited with so much illusion is truncated just four months after it began. My friend consoled me saying that this was not God’s decision but of the soul. So in that moment, she took out some charts with words and numbers to explain why it was a decision of the soul. That was my first contact with the  SRT technique, which at that time I found interesting because it would help me to understand what was happening to me.
Then, Ana told me that the Spiritual Response Therapy was a research technique that allowed us through the connection to our High Self, finding past life energies,  and negative soul programming. She added that the idea is to clear that negative information from the Akashic records and heal the soul in all levels. She continued to tell me that this therapy was developed by Robert Detzler and is used by a lot of people in the United States (today is used for thousands of students around the world). Without doubt, everything she told me interested me greatly, even the course that would take a few days later. I have always believed that the universe sends you opportunities and energy constantly, and if we flow with it, everything fits perfectly in sync. That day I did an investigation and clear up with SRT, and I feel today after so many years, that was the path that led me to walk the road of working with my High Self and to teach this wonderful tool.
When I signed up for basic and advanced class of SRT in Venezuela in 1997, I never imagined that I would find a wonderful tool, which would help me and my family, and  it would allow me serve as a channel so High Self can clear the block of energies to who need it. Energy blockages experienced by them in  their present life and that could have roots originated in past lives.
What it caught my attention was the possibility of not only know who I was in those past lives, but also the opportunity of knowing what happened to me in those past lives. As an example, the unjustified fear I had to get on an elevator or in a recurring dream where I fell from a height while I was in an elevator, and of course,waking up scared as a result. All these answers and more, I found using this technique, which gave me the possibility to interpret this recurring dream and all my dreams, which investigated TRE could not just be a way to release discordant energy during the night, but valuable information that  High Self wants to communicate. That seemedfantastic!
One of the things that captivated me was that through my Higher Self  I was be able to ask to please clear up: the locks to my prosperity, the existing discordantenergy in my house, close dimensional gates open, clear and remove discarnates. I remember like it was yesterday, thinking, "Ok, now I will end all those shadows that suddenly appeared in my house and it scared me as a child”.
SRT entered  my life no doubt to produce a positive change in it, giving thepossibility to change many aspects of my life, and better yet, help many people tochange theirs. I fell in love with this technique so that I decided I had to bring thiswonderful tool for everyone who wants to learn to change your life and that of others.
After having completed the requirements to become a Spiritual Response Therapy, finally a road was opened for my dream to expand it to all who would like to learn the technique national and internationally. Yesterday and today, I am feel that High Self has given me the opportunity for you who read these lines to know that you can change your life by clearing your blocks, leaving the way open to your free will to build your own destiny, without your “baggage” from your past life. Literally, you can leave your past behind, taking advantage of what you learned  and return to the source to meet most enriching spiritual functions once you have end up here to practice on earth what you have learned in the spiritual realms. It sounds tempting to you? And the best part is that it works!
In all these years of experience, I have had the satisfaction (working as a channel because who does the work is the High Self Committee) to help many people learn to investigate and clear the blockages in their lives. You are doing an investigation without  feeling any pain and with efficient outcome. Discordant energy is released and the people can live their lives more freely.
For this reason, I invite you to make the decision to learn, experiment and change in this level of incarnation without pain. I invite you also to learn this wonderful technique that change my life, so you can feel more in control of your life, without blocks or interferences in your prosperity and your relationships with others.

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